Among the dust

There was never a close vigilance to the city this way. Waking up early in a sluggish blistery winter morning and walking along the pavements and realizing that the city is actually calm for sometime was really awakening. That day I felt like exploring something new. Although, it is my birth place yet, I didn’t know much about it. Observing the streets I found a lots of cow dung all over and pits made the road look miserable. But, walking few more distance I reached an area of slum. They were always there. But, amidst the busy schedule and rush their presence was least bothered.

I stopped by a tea stall and ordered a cup of tea, I was accompanied by a friend, she too ordered a cup of coffee and we sat on the bench. Holding the newspaper, she started reading out the headlines. The headlines were only overheard but my eyes and mind was stuck to an innocent child playing with a deep black kid (goat child). I keenly observed the child and imagined how innocent they looked and how happily he was smiling; aware of the cons that he will face after few more years. That innocence will lose to the cost of hunger and needs. He will be kept away from the shades of education and he will be lost somewhere in the dupe of beggaring.

My thoughts were interrupted by the hot cup of tea and I had to buckle it up then, I took a deep breath to regain my composure. The sun was ray full now: rollers started to pass the way, students were neatly dressed in uniforms and waited for their transportation, and fat people who were out for jogging had started gathering up in the tea stall, vendors crossing their way to the vegetable market and this crowd made the child lost among the dust.


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