Is Indian judiciary system a real justice??

Is India judiciary a real justice?
Let’s make out a brief thesis on the Indian judicial power. Judiciary system is something that gives someone a faith to believe in justice. But, in our country justice is something that can be purchased and can be domesticated. Indian government is made by the people, for the people and is of the people but merely something is really acted upon.
Before claiming my country’s name I would like to claim Indians. Public is everything in my nation, still, this public like to close their eyes when they see something evil going on around them. Few at times, I start imagining that perhaps they are really the monkeys of the father of our nation ‘Gandhiji’- obvious, not to hear bad, not to see bad, and not to say bad. But, only the second is followed strictly while the other two is just opposite. Getting back to the laws and amendment, I want to put a real query ‘why the law is not strictly acted upon???’ This country is a country where kissing publically is a crime and peeing openly is not. In my country four people can rape a girl brutally and still they won’t be hanged to death and won’t be accused of any crime until and unless a well proved evidence is provided, and if the culprit is under 19 he will be released and is free to do rape again. While the defense prosecutor felt it so easy to blame the girl.
This was the case that got justice because people came down to the streets and protested, but, what about others? Our government is so formed; where MLA and MP’s have many cases pending in the shelves and still they win the election and take oath to eat India still no offence. Recently, a video got viral on the social networking site in which an aggressive man was harshly beating two old people without any reason, and even if there was a reason how did he dare to take that step? I found people commenting aggressively and giving their condolence, but, that was not what was really needed, while in cctv footage it was clearly shown a man standing and didn’t take a step forward to stop the man and protect the elders. What exactly was needed was a protest against the law.
Bringing up an unreleased story that happened in the Capital. Just infront of Rashtrapati Bhawan,- an Audi car hit 5 royal cars and 1 bike and there was still no police alert. When a query was asked ‘ why was that person didn’t get caught?’ we got a reply with ‘he is a member of a political party.’ Now, I really don’t understand from where did that stamp come from. If really that reply can ease everyone then I would better say, I live in such a society who create roitness when films like Jodha Akhbar , oh my God and pk was released. It’s a real shame for me to say ill about my country where I stay. Society even gave their shitty views to the thought of Amir’s comment on leaving India. If that’s what he did wrong then, answer me why 75% of Indians have been settled in abroad for years? – and still I must say ‘ mera bharat mahan’ .


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