That day was our day…

When I look back-

             I find loneliness & pain,

There were only sympathies,

             And some advices.

I never looked up-

            I didn’t have the daring eyes,

But, a day!!!

           Then I looked up-

I met you.

          It was pleasant darky eve,

A step to Mix around.

        Still a fear of hurdles to face!

You made me feel special,

       May be just it was your fantasy!

But, it was just the start,

      Somewhere up in the skies

      He was busy making our way.

He made us know ,after days-

     That stony slab,

            With starry evening,

                   We had nothing to talk-

Just the eyes to steal and feel the breeze.

You came up with a true feeling,

           That moment is treasured.

The fragment of love & essence of blue moon.

Was felt ,

but, the darkness beneath your chin was darker.

      The trees were singing ,

      Cupid welcomed us,

      We never dated,

       Unspoken words spoke everything.

The silence that day was enough ,

       For heartbeats to be heard.

               I went norm,

               You sat still,

              Time passed…

And now,

                Everyday is a new day,

                 Every moment is a memory,

                Tomorrow is a surprise,

                And present is a gift….

                                -Ankita Nayak


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